Hotel San Simone ***
- F a m i l y & F r i e n d s  - 

The sweetest hospitality in Upper Brembana Valley
directly on the ski slopesshapeimage_1_link_0shapeimage_1_link_1

Do you want to spend a holiday immersed in nature and in the snow?

You want to forget the car, noise, smog?

Do you want to wander through the hills for a great skiing?


The muffled silence of the snow that falls every winter, abundant in San Simone makes this small ski resort incredible.

In fact, rarely in the modern world, more and more rampant, there are places where the hotel, the ski slopes and the presence of man does not invade and even create a balance with the blue sky, the roe deer and chamois in the mountains with the surrounding nature of this part of Lombardy.

Welcome among our mountains!

Do you want to relax with a book by the fireplace ...

Do you want  your children  to be followed by a professional staff

and have fun all day at the MiniClub ?

The San Simone is all this ...

A warm lobby with fireplace, comfortable rooms with panoramic LCD TV with Sky VisionGold ®, a cozy restaurant, bar, TV room, sauna, disco and a staff always at your service.

Now it's up to you, .... are you ready for a beautiful vacation?

... Or to enchant you with wonderful menu full of delicacies after a leisurely stroll?

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